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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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at all or not? levin: i don't really know him. i mean... trump: let me get--i'll get on this side, maybe, if it's cool. that is the longest interview i have ever done in my life-- and intense. come here. levin: thank you so much. trump: believe me! ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" the show that's the sworn enemy of lying pomposity smugness and group think. well, there is probably no more significant and sensitive position in new president fills than target. and donald trump picked his today. jeff sessions of alabama, one of the first in the senate to endorse trump and a well known economic populist. response from the left over today's trump appointments was immediate and ferocious. >> his attorney general is jeff sessions, an anti-immigration senator alleged racist statement cost him a federal judgeship. his national security advisor is general michael flynn outspoken anti-islamist with close
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ties to vladimir putin and cia director is tea party congressman mike pompei owe. >> you got the bannon controversy. now you have sessions. flynn hasn't exactly gotten the most enthusiastic response either. >> it's really getting more and more disturbing and clear that donald trump is not trying to bring the country together with the moves he is making right out of the gate. >> doesn't mitt romney look good to us now? oh my gosh. >> i'm an optimist too. this does not make me on at this misoptimistic. thipisss me off. >> saying he is morally unfit to serve as attorney general. thanks for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> you heard sessions but recently. one of the most unfair things i think i have ever read. pure download from the dnc website. you say among many other things, sessions is a favorite of storm fronts, the white nationalist web community founded by former
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klansman done black. is there any storm front. are you smearing him on endorsement of him. >> i'm not saying that he is like a member of storm front or anything. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying he is a favorite of people who hold bigoted views. and that's not. >> by the way you don't like somebody says something nice about you are tainted by that? >> you look at the history and pattern of jeff sessions he has said things over the course of time. >> you said something really specific. you said he was endorsed by storm front. i'm sure he would disavow that immediately. why is that fair to write that. >> he hasn't disavowed it that i know of. >> so you think he agrees with storm front? >> i don't know. but the point that i would make about jeff sessions and the larger point of the column is americans should have a right to feel that they are going to be equally protected under the law. jeff sessions over the course of time and i pointed out a lot of other things in that column has said and done things that should make
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people feel -- some people feel uncomfortable with the idea that he is going to treat them fairly under the law. >> here is what people have a right to of the expectation that someone is going to throw out a charge that's substantiated. not just by implication. the way you say it among other things i'm quoting now sewerly sessions wouldn't try to resegregated the american armed forces in which you serve. really? jonathan, surely you wouldn't batter a child. what does that mean? >> you are right. >> nobody is suggesting that he would resegregate the armed forces? >> jeff sessions has been opposed to the voting rights act in the past. >> is that the same as resegregating the american armed forces that's appalling thing to say about somebody. >> wait a second. it's not that far of a cry for some people. >> has that suggestion ever come up? you wrote that. >> we are talking about the attorney general of the united states. >> no, we are talking about your column. you said. >> we're talking about the attorney general. >> you suggested that was even a possibility he would resegregate the u.s. armed forces. >> i said he wouldn't. >> well, you wouldn't beat
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your wife. >> however. >> you are attacking him but not directly. >> however, however, there are -- the armed forces of the united states is one the institutions that is most racially diverse, most ethnically diverse in our country, right? >> right. >> lots of people of all sorts of background in the united states armed services first integrated by hear truman way back when. all of those people who are not white people would have to have faith and the reason that came up is we are talking about a potential defense secretary appointment for him at some point should be able to have faith that their leader doesn't discriminate against them. >> you are fear mongering because there is literally no possibility that he wants to do that that he would suggest doing that or he would do it. you are fear mongering. you know who else very diverse place state of alabama. 2 a years. 25% african-american. can you name in the 20 years he has served, 19 as senator single instance mistreated someone on the basis of his race, one? >> senators don't typically walk around mistreating.
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>> you are calling him racist. >> i will give you example should worry people if they believe in the equal protection of the law. when he talks about immigration, he is a big anti-immigration guy. wants to crack down on immigration. when president obama said he was going to put 2,000 minors in alabama. >> here illegally. >> children. here illegally children in the state of alabama. jeff sessions' response was treat them, feed them and let them go. >> i'm missing your point. was the state not on the hook for feeding and clothing those kids? >> he was complaining about the idea that the state of alabama was going to have to feed and clothe children. >> okay. do you think that makes him a racist? is that example of racism? >> i don't think i called him reyes. >> you called him racist nine times in the column. >> if we're going to use the word. >> basis of racism and you don't have one. >> you said what's recent.
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>> he is a u.s. senator overwhelmingly reelected for 20 years and i'm asking of one instance where he has been racist. you don't have one. you downloaded some talking points from the dnc without any facts. >> i wrote that column before sessions was nominated. >> but this is totally hack job. >> you asked me for instances of him doing racist things. >> you don't have any, yeah. >> wait a second, you asked me for recent examples your argument is that you can serve in the senate for 20 years and just because you served in the senate for 20 years you were elected to the senate you are not racist? that's at odds with american history, sir. >> my argument is because you call someone racist -- >> -- which i didn't. >> do you repeatedly and suggest that he has ties to storm front and might resegregate the armed forces. you might have some facts. >> i have some facts. >> you don't. >> in 1986 he called the naacp unamerican. >> really because. >> he had done it. >> i think the naacp is a totally discredited group. to does that make me a
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racist? let's get back to reality. you are not alone in saying this. he is quote beyond the ideological fringe. >> that's true. >> really? because i actually looked up some of his views which i'm familiar with. >> yeah. >> what percentage of americans believe we need to reduce the amount of immigration into this country. >> a think a lot of americans. >> majority. >> a lot of americans believe that. you realize that immigration from mexico right now is actually going the other way. >> i realize that has nothing to do with the question i asked you. you said he is on the ideological fringe and my point is the fringe is far outside the mainstream. and by definition, that view is at the very center of the country. it's the opposite of the fringe. >> that's one view that he holds. >> okay. so why don't you, since we're on tv live, give me an example of an opinion that he has that is on the ideological fringe. >> he wants to ban same sex marriage that's on the identical fringe. >> is that true. >> americans supporting reduced immigration. majority of americans also support same sex marriage.
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>> the majority of u.s. state held research da on that exact subject and it passed. so like world are you in? >> the majority of -- look at polling. majority of american people and by the way united states. is he going to uphold the laws. >> at the moment -- i'm not arguing against gay marriage. that's totally clear. i'm saying to the out or beyond, as you put it ideological fringe you have to have a view held by a tiny minority and you have not named one. this is a slur against him. >> now, wait a second. he believes that the confederate flag as he said a couple years ago represents a great chiefment of the united states. >> i don't even know what that means. but that's the basis upon which he says he is beyond the ideological. >> you are carrying water for the democratic party. >> i'm not carrying water for anybody. >> i wrote about this before this even became an issue. >> they were going after him. >> talking points. >> these are pure talking points. you go back it up. write a column where you say he says. this this the policy he
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proposes and here is why it wrong. instead it's he is endorsed by storm front. >> he said the kkk was okay until he found out that they smoked pot. he actually said that he acknowledged that until a congressional hearing. >> do you actually think that jeff sessions is pro-kkk? is that what you are saying. >> no. what i'm saying is that he thought that they were okay. >> what he said was i told a joke about marijuana that was a bad joke. he never said i'm for the can kk. >> well, i mean, if that's your standard. >> that's his standard. i'm scag really simple question. do you think is he for the kkk or not? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i don't know. >> then why are you suggesting he is? >> all i said is what he said. >> i'm just saying, look, engage the guy on the facts. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, tucker. >> i appreciate it all right. as we await for cabinet appointments from the presidential transition team, trump is headed to one of his many properties for the next few days. the president-elect and his advisors will be working from the trump national golf
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club in new jersey, a parade of sum can'ts will also be on hand including former governor mitt romney who will be there tomorrow. that's where we find fox news correspondent bryan llenas. what's going on down there. >> good evening, tucker. president-elect trump will be meeting mitt romney here in new jersey at his golf course at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow to reportedly discuss a possible role for mr. romney as his secretary of state and o to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. romney has been an ardent anti-trump guy from the beginning of this campaign. in march just skewering trump. calling him a con man. trump in return has called romney a loser, a choker, a failed candidate who isn't his friend. and now the two will meet. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway has left it open saying a meeting with mr. trump doesn't guarantee it's going to be an interview for cabinet position noting that mr. romney is a successful businessman and former
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governor of massachusetts. but, still, trump choosing romney as a possible secretary of state could be seen as a sign that trump is willing to be a pragmatic president. romney is established republican that could calm nerves on both sides of the aisle who may be afraid that trump's foreign policy could be a bit unhinged or regressive. but there are disagreements. romney has said russia is our greatest geopolitical threat. and really trump has left it open saying is he willing to work with russia. for instance, to fight isis in syria alongside assad. mr. trump arrived here at 5:15 today. he will be here all weekend working on transition team. governor romney has eight meetings tomorrow. retired u.s. marine corps general james mad disas a possible secretary of defense. as well as two possible secretary of education candidates. michelle reid former chancellor of washington, d.c. public schools and mega donor from michigan betsy
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dedevos. both of those candidates are pro-choice when it comes to schools and charter schools. so big, big weekend here. he will be working all weekend here from his golf course. >> have fun in bedmister. cool town. >> amy hemmingway and susan father reachio correspondent at the washington examiner. great to see you both. molly i read a huffington post today. i didn't mean to it appeared by accident. jeff sessions was attacked for his name because he was named after confederate figure. do you think jeff sessions chose his name? there are things can you criticize of jeff sessions so unfair kind of self-discrediting. >> old enough to remember it was beyond the pale to even mention barack obama's middle name. the idea that you would go after sessions for his name is something else entirely. i do want to respond to your previous guest who was talking about he didn't know what jeff sessions' views on
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the klan. were i would look to how he prosecuted the head of the klan for abducting and murdering a black teenage boy who he picked at random. he fought hard for the death penalty. he prosecuted several cases to desegregate alabama schools. if you are wondering about desegregation something you could look at. elected the state attorney general in alabama where he made sure death penalty was carried out against that man who killed the black teenage boy. and he also, because of his actions, was able to -- there was able to be 7-million-dollar civil settlement that ended up bankrupting the klan in alabama. if you are really wondering about his views on the klan- >> i know him. susan, jeff sessions does have some views that are not fully mainstream on trade, for example. they are out of the mainstream in washington. that's for sure. is he very suspicious of our trade deals. definitely. >> that's not out of the mainstream anymore. >> it's not. in washington it is. why not attack him on that. do you know what what i mean? why not attack him for what he has said? >> it's true. what liberals fear most about sessions his views on
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immigration well known and documented. staunch -- really behind the worries his political views. they can't really attack him on that. he is a member of the senate. is going to glide to confirmation, i believe. they are looking for things and picking at things. >> you are hearing all these ominous rumblings he will never make it through. >> no, no. he only needs 51 votes. senator susan collins of maine perhaps the most senate announced she is supporting him at this point. >> it's done. >> i don't see anything barring him to getting to the finish line. what is that that they really oppose about him? there is not a lot that they can really that he has done in the past two decades of the senate that you pointed out. digging in to 30 years ago and the whole nomination process and how he lost his chance to serve on the court based on what someone accused him of saying. racial remarks. the person who made some of those remarks was discredited with his own i, his only credibility issues. >> right. >> that goes back 30 years ago. >> the whole thing so dumb. i just can't even. >> they are looking for
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lining out these three nominees is like mug shots. look at these nominees. they are not diverse. there is no women. well, you know, trump is picking people based on merit and loyalty and is he not going for the big diverse thing although is he looking at other diverse politics. >> politics man that's for sure. mitt romney, according to brian at bedmister showing up as a supplecant. >> it's a great idea they are meeting. they have a lot to gain through this meeting. mitt romney care as lot about the country and chose that by going out hard against donald trump and willing to sort of take his lumps there to meet with him. and donald trump, you know, as a lot of people say he is a very magnanimous generous person. by having this meeting and considering him for a post. it works out well for him. also mitt romney is very well qualified. it would calm the fears of a lot of people if he were to have a role in this administration. >> he would have to suck up a lot to take it finally,
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susan, general flynn, michael flynn, former head intel head now national security advisor. >> another person. don't get on twitter because they are finding stories about things that happened underneath him that he had nothing to do with. and that he, you know, condemned to try to drag him down again. it's the same kind of argument that they're looking for things that he said and done to make him look like. >> is there any debate about policies or ideas or oh you're naughty. >> muslims worried about. if you look at what he is saying. talking about radical islamist fundamentalist and may be dangerous. a lot of people think that. >> it's not that not dangerous. here in washington we're going to say that's not dangerous. you are a bad person if you are afraid. thanks for joining us, both of you. ♪ ♪ >> now it is time for twitter storm. tonight's social media forecast shows a low pressure system brewing over kanye west. the media savvy rapper shocked concert goers on thursday with this post
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election revelation during a show in san jose, california. watch this. >> dii didn't vote, if i would have voted, i would have voted on trump. >> well, twitter need throz say went bonkers. a man tweeted this: and to be honest i wouldn't recognize either one. a man wrote g wrote. this. and celeste tweeted wrote this: and that's tonight's twitter storm. well the-mile-an-hours of some so-called sanctuary cities are getting ready to
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defy the federal government on immigration law. bill richardson who was a border state governor joins us next on that. also, judging from the coverage today, you would think donald trump had just made e.d. amin the secretary of can't blism. some of the latest headlines there are a lot of them coming up.
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them. significant question for the perspective of the national security. do they know who these people are? do they care? >> they do know who they ever. they are the construction workers. they're the fruit pickers. they're the restaurant workers. they're people that are janitors. they're doing essential work and a majority, according to studies, have not participated in crime. look, we're talking about 200 american cities in 32 states. and you know, tucker, who wants to make sure this law sanctuary cities remained is police officers. police officers don't want to do the work of the federal government, going and asking whose illegal or not. >> governor, police officers
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don't get to make laws. they carry out the laws. it's a little weird. >> law enforcement community. >> law enforcement not law-making. >> tucker, the law enforcement community has stopped efforts in the congress. >> bit of an overstatement. police chiefs serve at the pleasures of mayor and do what they're told. here's the point. the 9/11 commission recommended against things like this as you well know in 2004. six of the 9/11 hijackers had violated immigration laws. not a small thing to say you know what? we don't know who these people are. they don't have social security numbers and roaming free and we don't care because they know they are going to vote for us when they get legalized by a democrat? isn't that kind of reckless? >>. no first of all, going to take a long time to vote with a path to legalization 11 years and donald trump wanting to deport everybody. point number one. and point number two, listen to what i'm saying. law enforcement community
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police officers don't want this to entry of their policing in local communities it's going to break up families. >> i'm not going to go along with that stipulation because we don't think it's true. who care what is they think because that's distinct from what elected officials are charged with doing. >> the local police officer, local police. >> you have been elected to a lot of offices, governor. >> don't want this to happen. >> yeah, right. i don't buy that the fraternal order of police, largest police union endorsed trump. that might tell you something there. >> but they don't. >> elected governor. is it really okay for elected official to say as many did during the 50's and 60's we're just going to ignore what the feds want. we are defying federal law. is that a good precedent to set? because they can do it on this? why can't they do it on other laws? >> if we follow your logic, why is it that so many object, including conservatives with president obama wanting to stop deportations? it's a federal responsibility. >> you are dodging a
11:24 pm
question. if i'm mayor i'm not going to enforce that law maybe a law against drug abuse. can we do that really? >> as long as the local law enforcement community. local city council agrees with the mayor, this is a state's rights, the city rights issue. >> whoa. so you are a states rights guy now. i knew this was going to wind up in a crazy place. did you just invoke states rights. >> now you change your position. you want the federal government to -- you want federal laws to run everything. we want the states. >> so got shafted, is that what you are saying? >> you changed your argument with the election of trump. come on. >> amazing. all right. now, governor, while we have got you here, quickly, last night we talked about a story that actually you know a lot about. a story that a lot of people are ignoring, including the administration. this kid, 21 years old, otto warmberuva student from ohio being held in north korea. not a lot to get him home.
11:25 pm
reaped out to the state department to get update on this. quote we understand that north korea court convicted u.s. citizen he was charged with hostile acts against the country and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. now he has gone through the criminal process. we urge that country to pardon him, grant him amnesty and immediate release on humanitarian grounds. is that effective way to negotiate with north korea over an american hostage, do you think? >> well, look, the problem, tucker is, that the north koreas don't want to talk to us. >> right. >> they have isolated themselves from the entire international community. i have been working with the north koreans to try to get otto out. >> good for you. >> we haven't had much success. we are trying to find the remains from the american soldiers from the korean war. see if we request get remains back. find some humanitarian way that allows otto warmbier who is a kid. he just made a mistake, to come home. so we're working that and
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we're working with the white house to make that happen. i mean, they have to be very careful. ours is a private effort, a humanitarian effort. you know, i try to do this with american prisoners, american servicemen around the world. we don't know what's going to happen with otto. we have had some success in the past. it's not a lost deal. i think the state department has to be very careful. >> why wouldn't they just say to china though -- could china -- i mean, have you done this before. this is sincere question. couldn't the u.s. government say to china hey, pressure your -- just let the guy out, now. >> we try to do that. but i don't think china wants to help us. why would they want to help us? they want to create liberal trouble for us in the peninsula. >> good point. >> unfortunately, china does have leverage with north korea but they don't want to use it i mean, we need them to stop their nuclear weapons. we are making a little progress. a little slow progress and we hope to get them out.
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>> well, i thank you for what you are doing. governor, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> all right. >> we're going to keep reporting on that story until that kid is brought safely home. 21 years old. the press hates donald trump even more than they ever have. can they fairly cover him once he becomes president? will they even try? chris plant joins us next.
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so the campaign is over, hillary lost. the press can take a break for carrying water for the democratic party for main,
11:31 pm
right? well, you would think. so but take a look at some of these headlines from today. as trump rises, so the confederate battle flags. that's the "new york times," of course. they are up everywhere. this from "the washington post. fear of muslims is rational, what trump's new national security advisor has said online, presumably secretly. other headlines targeted trump's family like this one from the "times" ivanka's trump presence at a meeting with japan's leader raises questions. not what questions but just questions. one more from "the washington post why trump's family being in his administration trust. our friend chris plant is here with the answer. can they? >>. no. >> sews what's going to happen? >> absolutely not. this elected to the news media was the equivalent of 9/11 to the intelligence community. [ laughter ] this is their epic failure. this is it this is the catastrophe. it was a slam dunk.
11:32 pm
it was done. they had it. it was in the bag. hillary was going to win. >> yeah. >> and she lost. it's like the towers coming down. they have -- literally. this is the mourning, the post-it notes in new york. comfort dogs on campus. play dough. this is anywhere 9/11. it really is it is catastrophe for them. they feel they need to make up for lost time. so now they are going to invade iraq. this is going to be the news media on the slot. the jihad is just beginning. you are showing some of these head lions, general flynn in one piece of videotape failed to use theadice word islam when he was talking about islamic terrorism. and, therefore, he is an islamophobe and terrible person and we must fear him and is he a warmonger and we know that donald trump is anything but never mind that but every person that comes up in the course of
11:33 pm
conversation during -- we're looking oh, lock, every story they do. picking the cabinet and his picks, he is doing it much faster than barack obama did. than ronald reagan did, than bill clinton did. but, still, the on slot, the attacks, every day is taking too long. is he not transparent enough. he went out to dinner with his wife at the 21 club. bill clinton ciched the press pool all the time to go jogging to go to macdonald's. to go to visit girlfriends. barack obama ditched the -- everybody talks about when he ditched them in hawaii. he ditched them here to go to his girl's soccer game. he ditched them when he was at andrew's air force base playing golf. the news media didn't become apoplectic. >> all these stories mentally ticking through them. who cares? dumb, stupid, bal, truth. there is really no coverage of anything real. i guess that's what i'm struck by. racist, bad person racist. >> there is traffic on fifth avenue in new york. because trump tower is
11:34 pm
there. >> what is trump about? what's he going to do? who what does he believe? those are issues, right? >> answer is racist. that's the answer. the its lack phobic, zone phobic. xenophobic. that's the democratic playbook. they don't have affirmative message to put out there. they had hillary clinton as their candidate. so they destroyed their opponents. i mean, you know perfectly well this is the clinton playbook it has been for decades. i mean, you come out. you smile, you're nice. tv show, and you destroy the people on the other side. and that's what -- and their coalition is also a raced based coalition. the democratic party coalition, the party of the confederacy and jefferson caves and the klan and jim crow and standing in schoolhouse doors has a raced based coalition. they need the african-american vote. they need the latino vote. fastest growing yadda yadda. that's all they talk about is race. they make promises to different groups on their race and their ethnicity and gender because that's their coalition.
11:35 pm
that's how they win elections. >> do you notice a directed correlation between the messaging of the democratic party and the news selection of the press? >> >> oh, of course. >> it's almost like there is a conference call or something. >> it's so a part of the discussion that they don't have to have a conference call. people ask me that all the time. people probably ask you that, too. whether they coordinate. whether they have a literal conference call. whether emails go out. they don't have to. they are all on the same page when they get out of bed. >> i know a 00 bunch of people in the washington press corps who used to work for democrats on capitol hill. >> sure, most of them. >> literally work for democrats. i was a press secretary on the hill, really? for whom. 100 percent a democrat. then did you go into the press and you are supposed to be totally objective it does seem a weird career. >> the show is not long enough to list all of the washington and people that work for democrats. >> will you come badge and we will do that show? >> i will absolutely. chuck todd and chris matthews and even brian williams worked. the list is so long. >> my producers, i hope are
11:36 pm
watching the show right now. if you would make that note. have chris play it back. >> it's a deal. >> nice to see you. >> thanks. >> here is something new. the latest milestone in the civil rights struggle, apparently the right to be rude and unpleasant. a former employee claims he was fired from the grocery store chain trader joe's for failing to smile. according to the "new york times" 27-year-old thomas nagel was axed from long time gig of trader joe's. this happened in september and he filed unfair labor practices charge this month. he also provided the "times" with recordings of several performance reviews in which his manager reprimanded him for having, quote, insufficiently genuine smiles and demeanor. in response the allegations trader joe's says it does not fire employees for trivial reasons as if manners are trivial. all right. president-elect has been heavily criticized for promising a border wall. walls are racist, right?
11:37 pm
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so what's next is the question we plan to answer regularly on a bunch of topics. tonight it means what's next for president-elect donald trump's plan for a wall along our southern border? trump took a ton of criticism for that plan and not just from americans but from people in other countries, busily morally posturing against the united states. but did you know that there are border walls and fences all throughout western europe? i didn't know that. that's why we are joined tonight by fox news correspondent william la jeunesse who has the whole story. william, great to see you. >> well, tucker, you know who else got criticized was george w. bush when he called out the national guard to build the fence on the southern border. democrats said it wasn't going to work. world leaders criticized him as insensitive and cruel.
11:42 pm
while those same countries are suddenly building their own walls austria, greece, hungary, croatia to control their own borders. >> at the end of world war ii less than five border walls anywhere in the world. 1989 when the berlin wall came down there were about 15 border walls. today there are almost 70. >> now, as for critics to say for every 12-foot wall there is 13-foot ladder walls are useless by themselves. manpowers and roads and enforcement is an easy but it is easier, tucker with a wall than without one. by the way, apprehension since george bush wall down from 1.2 million to 400,000. tucker? >> yeah, it worked well in israel on the west banks. suicide bombings basically stopped. what are trump's plans for border security? >> right now we have about 350 miles of fence. trump, as you know, is debating about whether or not to put in a bring and mortar wall or a double
11:43 pm
layered steel fence like the one in huma with a road in between. the 2008 secure fence act called for additional 570 miles of double fencing. here's why. >> by having a fence in con just with cameras and a road, usually we are able to see people coming as they approach the fence. we're able to see them as they are starting to come over the fence and then we are able to move resources into position when they come over the fence we can come in and make that apprehension. >> the problem with bricks and mortar wall is you can't see through it water often needs to pass under it. and as soon as you are done, the cartels bring out the jack hammers on the back side. they carve into it and it falls down. the fact is, tucker, topography usually dictates design. some areas need fence. others do not. where it's not economical or practical. that's the situation now. what the trump administration will do we will have to see. >> interesting. what's the status of all the central americans on the border now?
11:44 pm
>> it is really bad. i have talked to border -- senior border agent today. the problem is there are some -- they are coming over about 40,000 a month right now. and our bed space is entirely full. they don't know what to do. they are erecting tents right now in texas. four to a tent. because they want to contain any kind of outbreak. basically the problem is under the bush administration, prior to president obama, we would -- border officer would interview the person. if they didn't have a credible fear. they don't believe they were politically persecuted. just general violence. they would turn those people in for return. and all the unaccompanied minors would be returned. that is not the case under president obama. so they're filling up. we have a backlog of four years and 560,000 cases in the courts. these people, as you know, 85% of them don't show up. but right now, the border agents are extremely frustrated because the central americans' fear that trump is going to put in a wall.
11:45 pm
so they are all coming right now. that's why we have now reassigned 150 agents to the southwest border to. deal with the surge. >> back to you. >> this is how radical demographic change happens. thanks, that was so interesting. appreciate it. well, we have all seen snapshots of donald trump's guilded fifth avenue apartment. harvey levin of tmz actually wandered around it with a camera. of course he did. he joins us next. ♪ ♪
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11:48 pm
the show gets a little intense. we like to cool it down as we come farad the end. a segment we are calling the friend zone where we invite one of our friends hosting another show here on fox onto the program. tonight sean hannity is off. there is a special in its place. the host 10:00 p.m. who is not sean getting a rare look
11:49 pm
inside donald trump's life. is he harvey levin of tmz. he is going to bring you a show called objectified. donald trump right here on fox and harvey joins us now from the tmz newsroom in los angeles. harvey levin thanks a lot for coming on. what did you think of trump you? went inside his house. you spent time with him. what's your take away. >> tucker, i have got to tell you this. is a very different, in some ways fundamentally different person from the one that most people have seen over the last 16 months. donald trump, as far as most people have seen, is a, you know, a very tenacious, some say arrogant guy who stands behind a hold yum and speaks brashly. this is different. this is donald trump in his element, walking me through his house. showing me items he kept throughout his life from childhood on and telling me about what was going on when he got them. this is the way we are telling his life story. and he is humble.
11:50 pm
i got to say he is intraspecific. at times self-critical. fearful in terms of the way he is describing various things in his life. very human. and it is a different look at this guy and a lot of people say this is the guy they knew. and my feeling about it is that you've got two donald trump's now. and it's probably a an aamal gum between the two that is the real donald trump at this point. i don't think a lot of people were exposed what we saw that we are going to show you tonight. >> you live in l.a. and you are in celebrity world and everybody hates trump. what do they say? what do people you know say when you say i'm flying in new york to go to trump's white house a camera. what do people say to you? >> i did this, tucker, in mid september. and a lot of these people were indignant. and they said why would you give him a voice? >> yes, exactly. >> there was a lot of meanness with it. and we didn't air it because
11:51 pm
i will tell you, i asked both hillary clinton and donald trump, she said no. he said yes. and it didn't feel fair during the election because my job was not to try and sway people to vote for him and when we looked at it, it just didn't feel fair. now that he has won, it really shows a side that i think people should see. and then judge for yourself. it may change some minds. not change others. judge for yourself. i think it's an authentic look. i will give you an example. his brother died of alcoholism when he was 42 and donald trump has never had a drink in his life. i wanted to know if he felt scared that he might have that gene, that maybe he is an alcoholic who would turn into that if he started drinking. and here's the way that went. >> freddie is standing in the middle there. >> right. >> he died at 42 really from alcoholism? >> i have never had a drink because of my brother. >> does it worry you that
11:52 pm
you might have that gene, something inside of you that if you took a drink you wouldn't stop, you might turn into what happened to fred and does it scare you? >> so, tucker, i am telling you, he was authentic in answering that. he did not -- he didn't stonewall it. there is fear that donald trump has. he really showed a human side about that, about raising his kids, about melania, about not really wanting to go to business school when he decided what college to go to. and what he really wanted to do. what his passion was. we talk about -- in fact, turk, you've seen pictures and maybe you have been there to his house and it's just gold plated everywhere i wanted to know what the white house is going to look like. and he talked about that. he had strong feelings about that. there is a lot in this that will kind of help complete a picture of donald trump, the man.
11:53 pm
>> so how -- look, if tmz called me and said can we come to your house, no. you know what what i mean? >> thanks a lot. >> tmz exposes things, right? people would be very wary of this. how did you set this up. >> we have interactions with people all the time. i have known donald trump for more than a dozen years because i have known him as the host of the apprentice. and we have had interactions from time to time with stories. and i told him what i wanted to do. and he said it sounds great. and he was very gracious and wanted to do it. and, you know, i think when you see it, this was not a gotcha interview. that was not the point of this. this was not a getcha here or gotcha there nor was it a puff piece designed to make him look like this fantastic guy with no problems. my job was to take objects throughout his life and see if he could connect to those objects and create a real story about the ups and downs of his life.
11:54 pm
>> interesting. >> i think he did it. >> i want to watch it. you totally sold me on this. harvey levin, thanks for coming on. i appreciate. >> it thank you, turk. >> coming up next last night we asked you next what stories we ought to be covering and we aren't. you responded in a wig way. you choose the news. that's coming up. that's coming up. why do protein drinks taste chalky? that's coming up. then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories.
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before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. ♪ >> and now it's time for you choose the news. last night we asked you to tell us what stories we should be covering but aren't. tonight's winning submission comes from melinda trainor, wants to know more about the san francisco teacher's union offering up anti-trump lesson plan, which they did. here's the story. i had not heard of it. it's pretty interesting. social studies teacher at mission's high school in san francisco wrote the lesson plan hours after trump won last tuesday. the plan calls trump a racist and sexist man and claims, listen to this. he won the election, quote, by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base, which is how the left considers the middle of the
11:59 pm
country. the teacher's union united educators of san francisco posted this political propaganda on its website and distributed it to its 6,000 plus members in an email newsletter. the school district says the plan is optional and not part of the official curriculum. the teacher's union is standing by all of it melinda, we are working to get you more on this story. reaped out to the school district and teach's union to see if they will come on this show to tell us more about this. stay tuned. we are on it monday we have a new feature segment called news abuse example of media bias or dumbness? of course you have. ludicrous headline or television segment? send your evidence to us on twitter @ tucker carlson email "tucker carlson tonight" at that's it. our first week of this show is done. tune in every week night as we do battle with the dark forces of dishonesty and pomp pose city. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. trump's latest pick of jeff sessions u.s. attorney general. we will leave you with something that hasn't happened on this show yet.
12:00 am
[ laughter ] , have a great weekend. see you monday. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i am tom shillue. let's check in with dave smith at the "red eye" tease deck. hey, dave. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show. the "new york times" reports that the election is dividing up families at the dinner table on thanksgiving. yes, when it comes to turkey the trump supporters will get the white meat because the democrats took it for granted. plus the "washington post" op ed wants to get rid of states. i agree. let's start with washington, d.c. oh wait, that's in the a state. it is a bunch of parasites. suck it dc. and tom interviews one of the stars of the hit reality show "gold


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